Blue Fire: Omega Boys Book 3

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Leo has everything he could have hoped for. A budding career. Wonderful friends. A loving home with his adoptive mother. What else could he possibly want? When he takes on the job as camp cook on Mount Benjamin, he looks forward to a peaceful winter working side by side with his friend. But when a mysterious and quiet alpha joins Gabriel’s crew of foresters, Leo somehow finds himself drawn into a past even more tangled than his own.

Asher needs a fresh start. Somewhere far away where no one knows his name. When he ends up in Frog Lake, he thinks he’s found the perfect place to hide from his past and keep to himself. Except now there’s this bright and friendly little omega that seems to find every crack in his walls. Though he tries not to get too close, he can’t quite stop himself. As the two grow closer, he starts to relax into his new life. Unfortunately the past has a way of finding him, no matter how far he flies.