Rogue Omega Summerwood Wolves Book 2

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Milo’s pack was merciless and unforgiving, with a strict ‘violence first, questions later’ policy. So when he takes the blame for the death of the his former mate, he runs and doesn’t look back. Now he finds himself among the Summerwood pack, who are more different from the Blackhounds than he could have imagined. Especially an unusually calm and gentle alpha, the opposite of his old mate in every way, who takes him under his wing.

JJ worries more than he lets on. He worries about his place in the pack, his future as pack alpha, and most of all, the pack war his little brother accidentally brought home. So when an injured omega stumbles through their gates, he worries about him too. A former member of the rogue pack that has been terrorizing the southern wolflands, Milo is bitter and hesitant to trust the wolves of Summerwood. But when JJ is given the job of guiding their new member, he’s startled to find himself growing closer and closer to the damaged omega.

But the rogues are building their numbers, and they’ll stop at nothing to bring their alpha’s death to justice.

Wildlands Omega: Summerwood Wolves Book 1

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Deep in the wildlands, Riley has lived by his grandmother’s two rules: Don’t wander far. And alphas are dangerous creatures who are to be avoided. With rules like that, Riley was perfectly content to live out his days on his small homestead. But when a wildfire drives him from his home, leaving him lost and wandering, his only goal is to find a place to rebuild his life of solitude. But when he is rescued by the tall and handsome alpha wolf Jack, he is both wary and intrigued. Despite his long ingrained distrust of alphas, he can’t quite bring himself to fear his savior.

Jack’s life was going great. He had finally been given the honor of leading his pack’s hunts, and he was ready to stand by his brothers and help lead the Summerwood pack. So he’s not thrilled when raids by a band of rogue shifters puts the pack on lockdown. After a fight with his brother, he escapes the confines of his village, only wanting to get away for a little while. When he runs into a human omega with fiery red hair from the wildlands, he can’t stop himself from getting rather attached.