The Raven’s Song

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When recently widowed Liam, alone with his baby, is chased from his home by his abusive mother-in-law, he ends up the peaceful village of Mill Town. While he has his hands full with his son, he can’t help but notice the attractive alpha who’s moved in right next door. Though he tells himself he’s not ready to love again, he resist the rebellious yet kind shifter, who seems to go out of his way to help Liam at every turn.

Toby just wanted to make a point. He didn’t think his family would stoop low enough to kick him out. While he’s not exactly thrilled with his new life in a motel room, it does come with a perk; the lovely little omega next door, even if a baby is a part of the package. While Toby’s never given much thought to parenthood, he finds himself drawn to the father and son more and more each day.

Both Toby and Liam have had their lives shattered. Maybe they could put each other back together again?