Abandoned Omega: Summerwind Drifters Book 1

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Abandoned by his first love and betrayed by his pack, Josh has sworn off packs and is content to raise his son alone. The last thing he was expecting was for an injured alpha to knock on his door. Against his better judgment, he gives them a place to stay. It’s meant to be temporary, but as he grows closer to a certain kind and alluring alpha, he starts to question his solitary life and what is really best for his son.

The plan was simple; travel from pack to pack, find a mate, and start his life. A faulty bridge and a broken foot put that plan on hold. Brighton is reluctant to burden the mysterious omega living in the forest, but under the omega’s care and charm, he wonders if he found the future he desperately wants after all.

But someone is watching them. Someone who Josh never thought he’d see again. Will Brighton and Josh admit their feelings for each other? Will they unite in time to stop this threat?